miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

30 Houses affected by rain in Falcon

Municipalities Zamora, Píritu Tocopero Falcon state and are affected by the rains. From 4:00 am yesterday a downpour caused the overflow of the creek Mario Sanchez of Puerto Cumarebo population in Zamora.

More than 30 homes were affected by the waters that flow from that is connected with the Caribbean Sea.
The sectors Pier, The Hill and Barrialito, are the most affected. Ana Naveda, lost their belongings and told: "I was in the street, the water took my clutter. I tried to save the few belongings. We need help."
The flow entered the town also caused the collapse of health systems. Andres Lugo, operations manager of Hidrofalcón reported that the contingency was introduced as a result of the currents generated by the rain. The main pipe located on the road Morón-Coro suffered a malfunction so it was necessary to suspend the supply of drinking water in affected sectors.
This led to the governor Stella Lugo de Montilla to order the activation of the regional committee of rain. "We have 71 people affected by flooding their homes, are receiving attention."

 Comment: In my opinion both the recent rains as the last natural disasters can be linked to overall calentamient, or it may be pure coincidence, just as we hear the message that has been highlighted in recent years, we must learn to respect nature.

My family

My mom and dad are married, when I was a child, both worked so I grew up in day care, but in the afternoons , my mom took care of me.
 Fashion trends

The girls that are students of graphic desing always wear brightly colored jeans, leather boots  and shirts with cartoons on it. Most of the student have long hair and painted in colors like red, green or blue.